Date: May 25, 2017
Time: 7:30 pm  to  8:30 pm

The Prophecies of Neferti: Making Egypt Safe Again

Rise against what is before you!

Lo, the great no longer rule the land,

What was made has been unmade,

Re should begin to recreate!

Asiatics roam the land,

Foes have risen in the East,

Asiatics have come down to Egypt,…

One will build the Walls-of the-Ruler

To build the Walls-of-the Ruler

To bar Asiatics from entering Egypt;

Then Order will return to its seat,

While Chaos is driven away.

In ancient times, the great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt were aware of the existence of subhuman “others” from beyond the pale. While Egypt and Mesopotamia built great structures that would awe the lesser beings who did not live along their rivers, they also knew that those star-struck people were knocking on the door ceaselessly trying to enter the ancient “Emerald City” where the superior civilizations were located. So what should Egypt and Mesopotamia do prevent the alien riff raff from entering their lands? The answer was simple: Build a wall. And that is exactly what both civilizations did.

Peter Feinman is the founder and president of the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education, a non-profit organization which provides enrichment programs for schools, professional development program for teachers, and public programs. He received his B.A. in history from the University of Pennsylvania, a M.Ed. from New York University, an MBA from New York University, and an Ed. D. from Columbia University. His interests cross disciplinary boundaries including American history, ancient civilizations, biblical history, and New York history.

He advocates for state and local history in the curriculum, teacher training, and cultural heritage tourism and for the well-being of the social fabric. In support of these efforts, he writes a blog about the state of New York State History.

He supports public outreach of ancient civilization through participation in the multiple organizations. His forthcoming book is Jerusalem Throne Games: Battle of Biblical Stories after the Death of David.

2 thoughts on “Build a Wall: Make Mesopotamia Great Again (and Egypt too)

  1. Hi Peter ! Tonight is the Lecture I’ve been awaiting. My DNA has been traced back thru Mesopotamian farmers to Mitochronial Eve and Genetic Adam-80,000 years ago! This my Allergy Season. I don’t function well at this time. I missed “Edge of the World” discussion (my Swedish ancestry) for the same reason! Best wishes for the summer-Margaretta Frey

    1. Sorry you missed it. Attendance was slight. See you June 3 at Cold Spring. Peter

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