Date: February 18, 2016
Time: 1:30 pm

It is with regret for any inconvenience caused that we have had to change the February 18 book club venue to the Scarsdale Public Library.  The change is occasioned by circumstances beyond our control.  If there are any questions, please call Rita Kaplan at 914-472-9628. We hope that those of you who live close to the Scarsdale Library will be motivated to join us by the new convenience to our meeting if the earlier distance had been an obstacle.

To repeat our earlier message, word had come back that several people had not been able to obtain copies of SPQR, A History of Ancient Rome, while others have been diligently reading this highly praised account of the Roman world all along.  Not to worry!  Either way, Rita Kaplan promises to provide us with something akin to a Roman banquet.  The meeting will consist of a discussion of the book as well as a screening of the first act of none other than that ultimate Roman for all ages – Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare!  The video will star a well-known actor, whose name we will keep under wraps until the meeting.

So whether you have been able to read SPQR or not, this meeting will provide you with the depth, discussion and enjoyment for which the AIA Archaeology Book Club is justly renowned.

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